Precision Manufacturing Capabilities

KMM Group Ltd. has the high-precision skills and equipment to hold exceptionally tight tolerances, allowing us to navigate extreme and difficult jobs when others may walk away – or fail. Our deep-rooted prowess spans a broad array of verticals, from medical and aerospace to military and power generation, giving us more experience solving thorny challenges for the industries making a difference.

Through an unwavering commitment to innovation, we’ve developed uniquely proprietary platforms that allow for more development work, paving a more efficient path toward progress that matters.

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"It's an unbeatable combination from where I sit. We have had nothing but good results."

Dave Smith
Fabrication Supervisor, Terumo Medical Corporation

Explore the many capabilities of KMM Group including materials, tolerances and specifications. 

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KMM Group, Ltd

You're In The Right Place!

KVI Group, M&S Centerless Grinding and Meron Medical have merged to form KMM Group, Ltd. This exciting collaboration diversifies our offering and better allows us to think big and act boldly while maintaining the same precision and expertise you’ve come to expect.