Case Study: Overcoming Aerospace Challenges to Solve for Why

Solving aerospace challenges by meeting exacting requirements, tight tolerances, and full-service manufacturing is what KMM Group does every day. When a Swiss-headquartered high-end motor manufacturing company needed to fulfill a job with a defense contractor, they contacted 60 component manufacturers to obtain the exacting tolerances required. Not a single company could meet their requirements. Before they contacted us, hope that they would ever find the right manufacturer had begun to fade and, as this case study explains, we were able to supply the needed parts through our creative and disciplined approaches.

Instantly download the full document, which describes this project’s aerospace challenges, the combinations of tools and processes utilized to yield the components, and our ultimate success at less than 1% attrition.  It’s an example of how KMM isn’t daunted by the near-impossible: rather, we rise to the challenge and exceed expectations.

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