Case Study: Precision Centerless Grinding Results in Mass Spectrometry Magic

Heredity makes for an amusing reason (or scapegoat) in casual conversation for traits like artistic talent or clumsiness, but for congenital conditions like spina bifida and certain heart defects, it really is all in the genes. In these instances, early detection is critical, making the work done by our Waltham, MA-based client so important: they use ultra-sensitive mass spectrometry in a proprietary newborn screening system designed to accurately detect more than 50 congenital disorders so that any needed treatments can begin as soon as possible. With lives at stake, the mass spectrometer’s components demand exacting precision, with deviations over 0.000020” risking the integrity of the entire system.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and our collective expertise, KMM delivered highly accurate and high quality quadrupoles for the system, which is implemented in over 100 countries to screen over 735 million newborns to date. Fill out this brief form to discover how we helped facilitate this lifesaving technology; it’s an example of why you can rely on us to execute the most demanding and high stakes jobs.

Case Study: Precision Centerless Grinding Results in Mass Spectrometry Magic

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