Case Study: Ultra-Precision Machining Speeds High-Tech Medical Innovation

Case Study: Ultra-Precision Machining Speeds High-Tech Medical Innovation

A high-tech healthcare equipment company developed an intelligent cerebral ultrasound device with diagnosis and treatment applications, and was having trouble finding a component manufacturer that was both competent and cost-efficient.  The device demanded a tight stacking tolerance, with some individual tolerances requiring precision to less than 0.001”.  Having worked with us shortly after their founding in 2013, the company knew they could trust KMM’s manufacturing engineer, customer experience, and shop floor craftspeople teams to persevere in the face of these challenges and develop a solution.

Download the full case study, which details this project’s stringent requirements, the multiple strategies employed to create and refine the production process, and the end results we achieved for this customer.  Where other manufacturers may balk at such tight tolerances, we see the opportunity to meet and surpass a challenge in service of game-changing medical advances.

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