About Us

About Us

The KMM Group, Ltd., is a collaborative fusion of three world-class companies: The KVI Group, M&S Centerless Grinding, Inc., and Meron Medical. We manufacture mission-critical medical device, aerospace, and other advanced components with exacting precision, leveraging a combined 100-year history of leading-edge milling, turning, grinding, EDM, engineering, and assembly.

Founded in 1977 by Karl Wilhelm, the KVI Group manufactures ultra-precision machined parts for medical and aerospace industries with exceptional knowledge with 99% key client delivery performance and 99.7% best in class quality achievement.

With over 50 years of experience, M&S Centerless Grinding provides precision centerless and cylindrical grinding solutions to more than a thousand companies around the globe in industries such as aerospace, defense, high-tech, and medical.

Bringing 60 years of experience from its parent company, M&S Centerless Grinding, Meron Medical was born in 2013 as the premier provider of high-level component grinding solutions for advanced therapies in the medical device industry.

Bringing together the brightest minds and the most advanced technologies, we boldly pioneer solutions for extreme manufacturing challenges with passion, perseverance, and integrity. We are an accomplished team of visionaries, continually pivoting to embrace the future of manufacturing today.

How We Do Business

As a progressive organization, we believe in a supportive client experience centered on transparency and responsiveness, with direct and frequent access to key members of our engineering, quality control, and project management teams. We are masters of the art of listening, diving deep into your project requirements to develop bold and groundbreaking solutions for seemingly impossible challenges. Our remarkable dedication to excellence is just one of the reasons we’re leading the industry forward to an even brighter tomorrow.