KMM in the community

As industry leaders, we are committed to serving our community with the same level of passion and determination that we bring to our business operations. This holistic approach to leadership involves active and compassionate engagement with local STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Manufacturing) initiatives and charitable organizations. By integrating our corporate fundamental values with robust community support, we aim to inspire, mentor, and drive positive change at the local level for both present and future generations.

Community STEAM Initiatives

We are dedicated to driving growth and innovation by promoting the future of manufacturing through area STEAM learning experiences. Unlocking the potential in young minds is a significant investment in developing the pioneers and leaders who will define our industry’s future. In line with our mission, we’re proud to back a variety of STEAM initiatives across Bucks County, including:


Charitable Contributions

Beyond our dedication to STEAM initiatives, we acknowledge the importance of community support and engagement in nurturing a resilient and vibrant place to live and work. With a deep-rooted spirit of generosity, we are actively involved in many charitable activities, including organizing and participating in blood, food, and toy drives. We proudly support area organizations, including:

Empowering Our Community

By sharing our expertise and resources, we aim to enrich our community and pave the way for a prosperous future for all. Our involvement in local STEAM learning experiences and charitable organizations is crucial to empowering the next generation of innovators and leaders while supporting those in need.

Does your STEAM initiative or charitable organization need support? We’re always looking for new opportunities to make a meaningful impact. Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow.