Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us


We have the high-precision skills and state-of-the-art equipment to hold exceptionally tight tolerances, allowing us to navigate extreme and difficult jobs when others may walk away – or fail.


Our combined 100-year manufacturing history spans a broad array of verticals, from medical components and aerospace to military and power generation, giving us more experience solving thorny challenges for the industries making a difference.


We’ve pioneered groundbreaking solutions to seemingly impossible manufacturing challenges through an unwavering commitment to bold innovation. Our unique proprietary platforms allow for more development work, helping you advance innovations that matter.


Thanks to our highly accomplished team and commitment to investing in the latest technologies, our remarkable dedication to excellence is just one of the reasons we’re leading the industry forward to the manufacturing of the future.


Our company culture centers on transparent and responsive communication with our quality, engineerine lost art of listening as a tool for successful communication.

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Contact us to learn more about how we can add value to your high-precision project.

Our Proven Customer Process

We focus on quality and consistency for reliable results at every step of our proven mission-critical manufacturing process, deploying the high-precision skills and strategies to help you achieve your goals.

6 Post Review 5 Completion & Delivery 4 Execution 3 Initiation 2 Scope Clarification 1 Opportunity Dialog

What You Can Expect

Our ultra-precision manufacturing capabilities start with an exacting process, designed to streamline your experience from start to finish for the ultimate efficiency and customer satisfaction. Click on each step in the interactive model to discover what you can expect during every stage of our proven customer process.
1 Opportunity Dialog

1. Opportunity Dialog

We discuss your needs, quality standards, and requirements, as well as understanding what really matters beyond the text on the page.
2 Scope Clarification

2. Scope Clarification

We process your RFQ/RFP, and our business development engineer interacts directly with you, or your engineering staff, to review your project scope and provide an accurate quote.
3 Initiation

3. Initiation

Upon your acceptance of our proposal, we assign the right engineer to your project, align our quality control with your standards, document the manufacturing and quality plan, conduct a quality evaluation review (QER), and schedule a realistic timetable.
4 Execution

4. Execution

Now, it’s time for us to make the parts that we promised. We stay in touch with you throughout the process to provide status and delivery updates, expediting the process where necessary.
5 Completion & Delivery

5. Completion & Delivery

We complete your manufacturing project according to your needs and expectations, execute logistics, and communicate your shipment information.
6 Post Review

6. Post Review

After your order is complete, we perform an engineering post-review process that involves securing and maintaining your data and files and requesting your feedback to ensure that we’re ready to deliver our promise next time – and the time after that.