Event Overview:

KMM Group’s Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony: A Celebration of Growth and Innovation


On April 24, 2024, KMM Group, Ltd. opened its doors for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of its new global headquarters in Hatboro, PA. This state-of-the-art facility, embodying the pinnacle of ultra-precision machining and grinding, marked a significant expansion for KMM. The newly upgraded 100,000 square-foot headquarters is not just a facility; it is a testament to KMM’s capabilities, equipped with the latest technology to foster creativity and efficiency.

The event celebrated not only KMM’s ability to overcome obstacles but also its recent recognition by Inc. Magazine as the Fastest Growing Company in the Northeast, an accolade that spoke volumes about KMM’s direction and the trust placed in it by its clients. Distinguished guests and speakers included Dave Corrigan, Director of Community Engagement for US Representative Madeleine Dean, Ryan Oister, Field Representative for US Representative Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania Senator Maria Collett, Pennsylvania Representative Nancy Guenst, Montgomery County Commissioner Thomas DiBello, and various local dignitaries, industry and academic leaders. Their participation emphasized the strong community and industry support that propels KMM forward.

The event began in the late morning at 11:00 AM with the arrival and registration of guests, who were welcomed with refreshments and a casual networking environment. This initial phase allowed attendees to engage informally, setting a collaborative tone for the day. As noon approached, Steve Dierkes, grinding technician for KMM, took the stage as the event MC, introducing a series of speeches from KMM Group’s President, Eric Wilhelm, CEO, John Shegda, and other pivotal figures, articulating the company’s achievements and vision for the future as well as the future of manufacturing in Pennsylvania.

The crescendo of the event was the ribbon-cutting ceremony at 12:30 PM, led by John and Eric, symbolizing the official opening of the facility and a new chapter for KMM Group. Post-ceremony, guests were invited to partake in guided tours of the state-of-the-art facility, providing an insider’s look at the operations and capabilities that underscores KMM’s industry leadership.

Concurrently, a lunch featuring selections from local favorites like Nick’s Roast Beef, The Happy Pita, The Pizza Wagon, and Nina’s Waffles offered a taste of the region’s culinary best, alongside opportunities for further networking.

KMM was proud to share this momentous occasion, reflecting on past achievements and looking ahead to a future filled with potential and promise.

Facility Tours:

The facility tours featured KMM Group’s high-end, high-capacity manufacturing environment with more than 100 milling, turning, grinding, and EDM machines. Guests were able to see demonstrations of our expansive capabilities as well as see and touch the high-tech and lifesaving components KMM manufactures daily. KMM’s modern and clean facilities boast impressive employee perks such as a gym, mini-mart, spaces for collaboration and innovation and professionally designed offices.

KMM Through the Years, A Musical Journey


During lunch, guests enjoyed a unique playlist crafted by Steve Dierkes that captured a musical journey of KMM’s history featuring a song from every year since 1957, marking the founding of M&S Centerless Grinding, through the milestones of KVI in 1977, Meron Medical in 2013, and the establishment of KMM in 2020.

Every day, as I pull into the driveway of our new building, a profound sense of joy, pride, and a touch of disbelief wash over me,” said John Shegda, CEO of KMM. “Expanding this company into a precision manufacturing powerhouse has been among the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my career. While the construction of our facility is complete, our story is still unfolding. I’m confident in our exceptional team and their relentless drive to advance our vision to its fullest potential.”

“Our explosive growth and success stem directly from the dedication and pioneering spirit of every member of our team,” says Eric Wilhelm, President of KMM. “In nurturing a strong organizational culture, we’ve paved a path for individual and collective success. This grand opening reflects our exciting trajectory, and we’re honored to share the momentous achievement with our community, team, and supporters.”