Empathy and Compassion: The New Face of HR

Empathy and Compassion: The New Face of HR

It’s common for employees to feel a twinge of apprehension when they receive an email from human resources (HR). This reaction often stems from the widespread perception of HR departments as the enforcers of strict rules and impersonal interactions. At KMM, however, we’re rewriting this narrative. Picture a fresh paradigm where an HR email triggers […]

Tradition Meets Innovation: How Second-Generation Owners at KMM Skyrocketed Business Growth

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Many might assume that technology and efficiency alone drive business growth and success in the manufacturing industry. While these elements are crucial, they only paint part of the picture, particularly for second-generation business owners. These individuals often navigate the complex dynamics of respecting tradition and managing long-established relationships, all while fostering innovation. This unique position […]

Game Changer: Innovative Employee Benefits in Manufacturing

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In the increasingly competitive corporate landscape, many businesses are seeking ways not just to attract but also retain top talent. While salary and traditional employee benefits such as health insurance and 401(k) plans are still relevant, they are no longer the sole factors prospective employees consider when choosing their place of work. Today’s workforce is […]

The Future of Orthopedic Manufacturing? Find Out at OMTEC 2023!

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The Orthopedic Manufacturing & Technology Expo and Conference (OMTEC), the only show exclusively serving the orthopedic industry, is coming to Chicago from June 13-15, 2023, and we are excited to exhibit at this year’s event. Our experts will be on hand to discuss the latest cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and project management strategies you won’t want […]

How to Outsmart the Challenges of Exotic Metals & Alloys in Manufacturing

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Mission-critical industries like aerospace and medtech are essential to our daily lives and often rely on components made of remarkable yet difficult-to-manipulate materials. These materials can withstand the incredible G force in flight and allow for safe placement and optimal functionality inside the human body. For example, nitinol is a member of a group of […]

Employee Spotlight: How Erin Cunningham is Shaking Up Technical Sales at KMM

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Our team is integral in helping us achieve the impossible every day. However, their names and faces are largely behind-the-scenes – until now. In this ongoing series, we’ll introduce you to some of our critical team members who give their all to innovate and produce groundbreaking solutions that matter.   Today’s post features Erin Cunningham, KMM’s […]

Automation: The Make-or-Break Decision For Today’s Manufacturers

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In the early days of the industrial revolution, manufacturing was labor-intensive and relied heavily on human power, with automation being a concept yet to be introduced. Workers would use industrial tools and machinery to cut, shape, and assemble parts. This approach was often rigorous and time-consuming. However, the manufacturing industry has undergone significant changes recently, […]

5 Cost-Effective Space Manufacturing Strategies Worth Exploring

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Space exploration has always fascinated humanity, from the early days of satellite launches to the latest crewed missions to the International Space Station. However, the cost of building and launching equipment into space remains one of the biggest challenges in the field. As we look towards the future, we predict that the economics of space […]

Get Ready for a Robo-lution in York, PA

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York, PA – May 3, 2023 – It’s time for the robots to rumble as Liberty Bots, an electrifying STEAM High School Program, brings the Robo-lution to York Country Day School on Saturday, May 6. Sponsored in part by the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA), this annual, adrenaline-pumping event will have regional high schools […]

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