From Liberal Arts to Metalwork: Haley’s Bold Journey

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we aim to highlight the stories that challenge conventional career paths and inspire new possibilities. Haley Fatula’s story does just that. Transitioning from an education in liberal arts to becoming a sought-after young professional in the manufacturing sector, Haley’s journey exemplifies bravery, perseverance, and the pursuit of passion. Her remarkable tale stands out for its unique charm and potential to inspire other women to explore and consider diverse career opportunities.

From Uncertainty to Clarity: Haley’s Leap into Metalwork

After graduating from Neshaminy High School in 2019, Haley Fatula was like many young adults, anticipating yet uncertain about her future career path. With early work experience as a cashier and a teacher’s assistant, Haley sought to explore her interests further and enrolled in Bucks County Community College (BCCC) to carve out a path for herself. There, she pursued an associate degree in liberal arts, hoping to find her calling.

It wasn’t until her last semester at BCCC that Haley’s path took a decisive turn. A flyer for the free Pre-apprentice Metalwork Training Program at the newly established Center for Advanced Technologies (CAT) caught her eye. The state-of-the-art facility and the allure of hands-on learning in a completely new field intrigued Haley and sparked a curiosity she couldn’t ignore. Attending an information session and touring the CAT solidified her decision to dive into the world of metalwork. It was an epiphany that would set the course for her future.

Haley’s dedication to this novel field was evident from the start of the 12-week metalwork program. She attended every class and thrived in all aspects, from theoretical instruction to practical skills like CNC machine operation and welding. Her enthusiasm and team spirit earned her the respect and admiration of everyone around her, from her peers to the instructors and administrative staff.

Establishing a Fruitful Career

Haley’s dedication and hard work paid off, receiving multiple job offers after completing the training program. She chose to join our centerless grinding team at KMM Group as a Grinding Technician, attracted by our distinctive company culture, benefits, and opportunities for career advancement. At KMM, Haley works with state-of-the-art guidewire and corewire presses. Starting with an impressive wage of $21 per hour, she quickly demonstrated her value, swiftly mastering her tasks and thriving in her new role.

Haley is grateful for CAT’s 12-week training program, which provided technical skills and a support network that bolstered her confidence in navigating a new industry. She’s especially thankful for the friendships formed during the program, which she believes will last a lifetime.

“My eyes have been opened to the vast career opportunities that the manufacturing industry has to offer, and I’m incredibly grateful to have discovered my niche,” Haley shared, reflecting on her journey into manufacturing.

Choosing a Path Less Traveled

Haley’s journey into manufacturing challenges stereotypes and showcases the potential for fulfilling careers in fields traditionally dominated by men. Her story is an inspiration for other women to explore diverse career paths and discover the endless possibilities that await those willing to venture into the unknown.

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