Tradition Meets Innovation: How Second-Generation Owners at KMM Skyrocketed Business Growth

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Many might assume that technology and efficiency alone drive business growth and success in the manufacturing industry. While these elements are crucial, they only paint part of the picture, particularly for second-generation business owners. These individuals often navigate the complex dynamics of respecting tradition and managing long-established relationships, all while fostering innovation. This unique position […]

Game Changer: Innovative Employee Benefits in Manufacturing

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In the increasingly competitive corporate landscape, many businesses are seeking ways not just to attract but also retain top talent. While salary and traditional employee benefits such as health insurance and 401(k) plans are still relevant, they are no longer the sole factors prospective employees consider when choosing their place of work. Today’s workforce is […]

KMM Group, Ltd

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KVI Group, M&S Centerless Grinding and Meron Medical have merged to form KMM Group, Ltd. This exciting collaboration diversifies our offering and better allows us to think big and act boldly while maintaining the same precision and expertise you’ve come to expect.