3 Aerospace Manufacturing Project Management Tips for 2022

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Thanks to innovative technological advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) and digitization, the aerospace industry is evolving at warp speed. As a result, competition is heating up to drive the industry forward. For aerospace manufacturing project managers, navigating this quickly progressing market will require intelligent strategies for 2022 and beyond.

This post will outline three essential tips to follow when managing an aerospace manufacturing project in 2022 to expedite the time to market and enhance your company’s market share:

  1. Perform a risk assessment
  2. Alleviate R&D uncertainties quickly
  3. Prioritize experience to maximize cost efficiencies


Continue below to discover what aerospace manufacturing project managers need to know in 2022.


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Perform a risk assessment

According to a survey in the 2021 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) State of the Industry Report, 80% of members and other industry respondents report a “very positive” outlook about the future. With sights set on a solid rebound in the short- and long-term futures, reducing risk is a critical project management tip for success.

A risk assessment allows aerospace project managers to identify and control possible hazards that could impede progress, allowing teams to carefully assess the project from all angles. Evaluating risk is essential for aerospace component manufacturers before setting up a job on the production floor. To perform an aerospace manufacturing risk assessment, seasoned engineers, technical developers, and production experts must start by thoroughly examining the print – and understand what’s important beyond it.

An aerospace manufacturing risk assessment may include a comprehensive review of:

  • Project scope
  • Quality standards
  • Project requirements
  • Aerospace manufacturing processes


These and other factors contribute to a thorough aerospace manufacturing risk assessment that helps project managers and their manufacturing partners proceed confidently.


Alleviate R&D uncertainties quickly

With new aerospace technologies and innovations emerging rapidly, a smooth R&D process is an essential factor for growth. However, manufacturability and other process uncertainties are common causes of time-to-market delays, increased development costs, and compromised market share.

To keep your aerospace manufacturing project on track, work quickly to alleviate R&D uncertainties. Establish partnerships with highly responsive manufacturing teams with the knowledge, resources, and dedication to iron out any concerns and provide time-sensitive R&D services, such as rapid prototyping and validation. Expertly identifying and addressing uncertainties in the R&D phase make full production runs more successful and efficient to help expedite the time to market and reduce costs.


Prioritize experience to maximize cost efficiencies

Our final aerospace manufacturing project management tip for 2022 is all about maximizing your bottom line with an essential cost-efficient strategy: work with an experienced aerospace component manufacturer.

When it comes to saving money on your project, a seasoned partner can:

  • Repeatedly produce high-quality components more accurately
  • Complete timely prototypes and full production runs
  • Reduce the rate of attrition
  • Expertly produce complex designs, such as thin walls or difficult-to-machine features
  • Work effectively with challenging materials
  • Reverse engineer contoured parts and worn dies and tools if drawings are missing


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