Meet the Latest in Aerospace CNC Cylindrical Grinding

CNC cylindrical

As the aerospace industry continues its strong rebound from the pandemic, manufacturing quality and precision matter more than ever, even becoming critical growth drivers. The secret to achieving the ultra-precise results the industry needs to thrive hinges on the latest aerospace manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art technologies. 

In this article, we’ll reveal the role of cylindrical grinding in precision aerospace manufacturing and profile a cylindrical grinding system we’ve mastered to meet the growing demand for highly precise components that will help propel the industry forward.


Cylindrical grinding for more precise aerospace components

Whether nickel, hard-coated aluminum, or another alloy, materials for aerospace components must be temperature stable to withstand both the heat on the ground and the low temperatures in higher altitudes. However, these specialized materials can often prove challenging to machine, so aerospace component manufacturers often turn to cylindrical grinding, a technique that makes high-precision parts possible.


Cylindrical grinding is essential for aerospace manufacturing because it:

  • Helps achieve the precision, temperature stability, rigidity, and vibration damping required for today’s ultra-precise components
  • Allows craftspeople to perform multiple operations in a single clamping to limit part handling that can compromise precision
  • Enhances process repeatability and stability for more precise parts, from the first component to the last


Cylindrical grinding systems that check all these boxes are becoming vital for manufacturing highly accurate aerospace components. In the next section, we’ll introduce you to an exceptionally precise cylindrical grinding system on our shop floor that fits the bill.

Hardinge Kellenberger 1000 CNC controlled universal grinding system

Meet the Kellenberger® 1000

The new Kellenberger 1000 is an innovative CNC-controlled cylindrical grinding system designed to meet the most demanding aerospace manufacturing applications. Its functional design incorporates some of the most advanced features and technologies for extremely precise results.


Why we love this technology: 

  • Maximum accuracy – The hydrostatic guides for the longitudinal slide movement (Z-axis) and wheelslide infeed (X-axis) provide maximum dimensional accuracy.
  • High positioning speed – It features high positioning speeds to promote accuracy for small thermal drifts, fine surfaces, high-contour requirements, and roundness.
  • Exceptional precision – The numerous sensors, precise measuring systems, hydrostatic guideways, and a strict separation of the machine base from the heat- and vibration-generating assemblies help enhance precision.
  • Satisfies varied requirements – The newly developed automatic cylinder correction system and synchronous tailstock help satisfy varied aerospace manufacturing requirements with flexibility.
  • Ensures universality – The grinding head positions and dressing systems ensure universality and allow for application-specific configurations.
  • Expands the possibilities – It gives us more extensive grinding possibilities to accommodate complex aerospace manufacturing component designs, including out-of-round, profiles, thread grinding, and jig grinding.


The Kellenberger 1000 CNC cylindrical grinding system is just one of the many state-of-the-art grinding and machining technologies we use to deliver the ultra-precision results the aerospace industry demands. We’re committed to continually investing in the latest state-of-the-art equipment to illustrate our dedication to excellence – it’s just one of the ways we’re leading the industry forward to the future of manufacturing today.

Reach out to our team to learn more about our aerospace component manufacturing equipment that help make the impossible possible.