Explore Our Dedicated R&D Lab

Advancing your aerospace, medtech, defense, high-tech, or space exploration innovation depends on a time-efficient and cost-effective research and development (R&D) process. With the ability to support every engineering need, our dedicated R&D lab gives you access to a full lineup of state-of-the-art equipment and passionate manufacturing experts to help expedite your timeline and reduce costs.  

In this post, we’ll walk you through our R&D lab by introducing you to the resources behind our sophisticated operation. Browse this interactive map of our new facility to follow along. 

State-of-the-art machining & grinding equipment 

Dedicated equipment allows our exceptionally skilled craftspeople to excel in 5-axis milling, 10-axis Swiss, surface grinding, hybrid centerless grinding, guidewire grinding, EDM, and other ultra-precision machining and centerless grinding disciplines that help you achieve successful full production runs.  

ISO Class 8 Cleanroom  

Diagonal from our dedicated R&D lab is an ISO class 8 cleanroom for sensitive mission-critical components. Under the direction of Quality Assurance Manager Scott Tyson, we built this ISO 14644-compliant cleanroom featuring:  

  • (2) 99.99% HEPA fan filters ward off airborne particles  
  • (2) sealed LED paneled light fixtures to protect against particle formation 
  • Easily cleanable vinyl curtains and vinyl-coated sheetrock 
  • Specialized cleanroom-appropriate ceiling tiles 

Inside the cleanroom, we follow strict hygienic standards like wiping surfaces between jobs, cleaning interior walls and ceilings once a week, mopping the floors frequently with a designated clean pad, and using cleanroom-friendly cleaning solutions. These precautions help ensure a smooth and worry-free R&D process. 

A dedicated R&D team 

Our values-driven team of industry leaders has a shared purpose of driving mission-critical innovations forward, no matter how challenging. Whether you’re struggling with tight tolerances, short timelines, difficult materials, complex configurations, or something else, we’ll work with your engineers to strategize the ideal R&D path forward by offering: 

  • Manufacturing feasibility assessments

    We are committed to solving your manufacturability concerns to expedite your R&D timeline and save costs. Design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for assembly (DFA) are some of our engineering strategies to resolve manufacturing uncertainties before proceeding to full production, where delays and design changes can be costly. In addition, our manufacturing feasibility process helps avoid project setbacks, unnecessary costs, and being late to market, giving you a competitive advantage. 

  • Rapid prototyping

    Our dedicated team has access to the latest technologies to produce rapid prototypes of your innovation. Rapid prototyping helps you save time on design and development, reduce product development and testing costs, and reduce or eliminate the risk of failure to expedite your time to market and maximize your budget.  


  • Quick validation  

Sometimes, the R&D road is bumpy. So, if you’re losing ground with another manufacturer or are catching up from early project delays, we know how to satisfy validation requirements quickly to help you get back on track. Check out this case study to discover how we completed a whirlwind validation process for an incredibly high-stakes vascular guidewire grinding project when the former manufacturer couldn’t produce good parts in high-volume production runs. 

Our dedicated R&D lab, ISO class 8 cleanroom, and values-driven team have allowed us to meet the rigorous R&D demands of many mission-critical industries for decades. With all these resources available under one roof, we can help you sail through the R&D process and advance to full production on time and within budget. Contact us to learn more about our dedicated R&D resources for your next innovation. 

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