Top 5 Insider Tips for Selecting a Guidewire CMO

Top 5 Insider Tips for Selecting a Guidewire CMO

Guidewire grinding is a specialized niche within the medtech contract manufacturing organization (CMO) space, with capabilities varying significantly among providers. Choosing the right CMO is crucial for your medical device’s quality, efficacy, and safety. This decision is particularly important given the distinct strengths of larger-volume CMOs compared to those specializing in more intricate, lower-volume grinding. This blog […]

What to Know Before Starting a Guidewire Grinding Project

medical guidewire with penny for scale

  Guidewire grinding is a specialized process for achieving extremely small diameters and intricate configurations for life-saving devices. The process requires incredible knowledge and skill to ensure part accuracy and cost-effectiveness. With both lives and profits on the line, guidewire grinding can often be a high-stakes project management endeavor.  If you’re overseeing a high-stakes guidewire […]

How We Successfully Produced Life-Saving Bend-Free Vascular Guidewires When Others Failed

artistic rendering of vascular system in chest (where medical guidewires may be used)

When a Salt Lake City-based biotechnology firm approached us in 2019, they were working with our competitor to help them manufacture specialty neurovascular guidewires, a critical device component designed for two stroke intervention procedures: thrombectomy and endovascular coiling. Upon reconnecting with them a year later, the firm revealed that their current vendor was struggling to […]