The Story Behind Our New Tagline ‘Unlocking the Science of Manufacturing’

Our recent move to a state-of-the-art 100,000-square-foot facility marks the beginning of a new chapter, significantly enhancing our mission-critical component manufacturing capabilities. This important transition has sparked a thoughtful reevaluation of our identity and brand message, aligning with the exciting opportunities on the horizon. Through this process, we’ve refined our focus, reasserting our core commitment to conquering complex manufacturing challenges in scientifically advanced industries, such as medtech, robotics, and space exploration, using our unmatched precision and creativity. 

This time of reflection and strategic development has led to our powerful new tagline: ‘Unlocking the Science of Manufacturing.‘ In this post, we’re offering an insider’s look at the development of this tagline and its precise reflection of our culture and strategic vision.

The Integration of Science and Manufacturing 

John Shegda, our CEO, highlighted the need for a tagline that breaks away from the conventional and reflects our sophisticated approach.

“The term ‘science‘ may not be the first thought in manufacturing, but our methods skillfully combine traditional techniques with the precision and rigor of scientific processes,” he explained. “This is crucial for the scientifically intensive industries we serve. Our previous tagline, while showcasing our ability to innovate and solve, didn’t fully capture this fusion of manufacturing and scientific exactitude. We needed a tagline that would resonate with our audience and accurately reflect the scientific precision and depth inherent in our work.”

The Power of ‘Unlocking’

Our team recognized that ‘The Science of Manufacturing’ didn’t completely encompass the full scope of our work. While it underscored our precision, it didn’t fully convey the transformative impact we aim to achieve. “This led us to the term ‘unlocking,'” John explained. “This word resonates deeply with us because it signifies so much more than problem-solving. It’s about opening new avenues and exploring uncharted territories.” We’ve infused a dynamic quality into our message by weaving ‘unlocking‘ into our tagline. This addition elevates the scientific rigor of manufacturing to include unlocking innovative possibilities and pushing beyond traditional limits. This key term elevates our identity beyond solution-finding to reflect our dedication to unlocking potential and pioneering significant manufacturing breakthroughs.

Embracing the Next Chapter

Under this new banner, our commitment to our fundamental principles is at its strongest. Passion, excellence, and innovation – backed by the rigors of science – guide our future pursuits. They influence our stronger-than-ever dedication to unlocking the science of manufacturing critical components in smarter, more efficient ways.

We are excited about the unfolding journey ahead, filled with groundbreaking manufacturing advancements and breakthroughs. Contact us to learn more about how we’re ‘Unlocking the Science of Manufacturing’ to advance the mission-critical innovations that matter.