Employee Spotlight: Tammy Parker’s Incredible 34-Year Evolution at KMM!

Our team is integral in helping us achieve the impossible every day. However, their names and faces are largely behind-the-scenes – until now. In our Employee Spotlight series, we highlight some of our critical team members who give their all to innovate and produce groundbreaking solutions that matter.  

Today, we shine the light on Tammy Parker, our esteemed Accounting Administrator who has been part of the KMM family for over three decades. We recently sat down with Tammy for a Q&A to understand her journey, motivations, and what the future holds.

Q: Describe your current role at KMM. How has your role evolved since joining the company?

TP: My current role is Accounting Administrator, but my journey at KMM started in 1989 when I worked every afternoon as a custodian on the shop floor in high school. Over the years, I worked in various roles, learning from scratch about machinery, production, and administration. Today, after over 34 years, I have handled everything administrative, from tracking jobs to processing payroll hours and managing billing and shipping documents. In my current role, I no longer track jobs, process payroll or handle shipping documents. This vast experience has given me a unique perspective on KMM’s operations.

Q: What is a pivotal moment in your career?

TP: When I moved into the office, I found my passion. I’ve always wanted to work in administration, so I was eager to learn all about the company’s operations. The independent work and the challenges it presents suit my detail-oriented nature and drive for perfection.

Q: What is your most memorable role?

TP: I was fascinated when I worked in the wire department, particularly with how electricity passes through a wire in a bath of treated water and discharges sparks, generating intense heat that precisely cuts shapes and forms into metallic materials. The precision in creating small but complex parts left a lasting impression on me.

Q: How would you describe yourself, and how do these characteristics enhance the quality of your work?

TP: I would say I am detail-oriented, brave, organized, loyal, dedicated, and determined. I’m always up for a challenge and always eager to learn and understand new things. These traits make me well-suited for my administrative role and help me ensure the highest quality in my work.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

TP: The people are a big part of it – my coworkers. Listening to their stories about their families is a lot of fun – we’re all very close. Even though I work in the office now, I still have a great relationship with the team on the shop floor. The company culture at KMM is also a big reason I love coming to work – the transparency in KMM’s operations, such as the sharing of financials quarterly, shows the respect and value they have for us as employees. 

Q: Can you tell us more about your relationship with the company leadership?

TP:  I’ve known Eric Wilhelm and his father for quite a while – they’re an excellent family to work for. Eric and his wife even attended my wedding back in 2002, and they’ve watched my children grow. When my first daughter was just a baby, she accompanied me to work every day until she reached six months. I would collect files from the office and work on them at home. This pattern continued when my second daughter was born; she also spent time in the office. I’ve kept stories they wrote and pictures they drew during their time with me at the office – cherished mementos of their childhood. Today, they’re 16 and 18 years old. My eldest is studying business and marketing in college, while my younger daughter is a junior in high school.

Q: What are you looking forward to in the future?

TP: I look forward to moving into our new facility in Q3 of 2023. We’re currently in the process of organizing and moving files and equipment. The move presents an exciting challenge and an opportunity to work with everyone from KVI, M&S Grinding, and Meron Medical under the same roof.

Q: What is your advice for someone interested in pursuing this line of work?

TP: My advice would be to be brave and not fear challenges. Keep an open mind because you never know what could lie ahead. Also, be prepared to grow with the company; it’s a journey that can shape your life in unexpected ways.

As our discussion wrapped up, it was clear that Tammy’s journey at KMM wasn’t merely about career progression. It was also a deeply personal journey woven through cherished relationships and significant life milestones. Her story is a testament to the strength of KMM’s community and the rewarding experiences it offers to those who become a part of it. We’re proud to have people like Tammy, whose hard work, commitment, and passion have been instrumental in our growth and success.

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