Engaging Young Minds: A Memorable Week of Student Outreach

Engaging Young Minds: A Memorable Week of Student Outreach

As education and careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) gain increasing recognition, our robust community outreach initiatives aim to inspire the next generation. Through strategic partnerships and engaging programs, we connect with area schools and programs such as Liberty Bots and Career Ready Bucks to provide young people with real-world manufacturing insights, […]

Listen Here: KMM Group CEO, John Shegda Interviewed by Executive Leaders Radio

Listen Here: KMM Group CEO, John Shegda Interviewed by Executive Leaders Radio

In this exclusive interview, Executive Leaders Radio delves into the remarkable journey of John Shegda, CEO of KMM Group, whose early passions and experiences have profoundly influenced the culture and vision of KMM Group. From his days of excelling in track and field to his love for golf, John’s unwavering commitment to individual excellence and […]

CEO’s Perspective: KMM’s Strategic Vision & Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

CEO’s Perspective: KMM’s Strategic Vision & Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

At its heart, the KMM story is one of innovation, vision, and adaptability. From the early days of KVI, M&S Grinding, and Meron Medical, through our groundbreaking merger that formed KMM in 2020, and now with our relocation to a new state-of-the-art facility, we’ve consistently evolved to meet industry demands while upholding our fundamental values. […]

Tradition Meets Innovation: How Second-Generation Owners at KMM Skyrocketed Business Growth

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Many might assume that technology and efficiency alone drive business growth and success in the manufacturing industry. While these elements are crucial, they only paint part of the picture, particularly for second-generation business owners. These individuals often navigate the complex dynamics of respecting tradition and managing long-established relationships, all while fostering innovation. This unique position […]

KMM’s Inspiring Women: Breaking Barriers in Manufacturing

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The manufacturing industry has traditionally had a higher representation of men, but this has not stopped women from breaking through and leading the way for others. Two exceptional women at KMM have carved out successful careers in the industry, inspiring others along the way. This article will highlight their inspiring stories, achievements, and positive impact […]

Shaping the Future of Manufacturing and Inspiring Next Gen Leaders

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A new manufacturing era is on the horizon as Industry 4.0, the next rapidly advancing industrial revolution, knocks on our door. The emergence and increasing sophistication of connectivity, automation, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and additive manufacturing elements are driving a shift that continually asks our industry to evolve and push the envelope to reveal […]

MedTech Legend J. Mark King on Trust, Mentorship and Results

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Mark King is no stranger to the medical device space. He’s been a fixture in the industry for more than 30 years with leadership roles at many leading medtech organizations, including Tegra Medical, Clinical Innovations, AccuCirc/SafeCirc, Avalign Technologies, Argon Medical, Angiotech/AMI Holdings, Johnson & Johnson and Cardinal Health.  We’re thrilled to welcome Mark to the […]

MedTech Expert Joins KMM Group as Healthcare Industry Advisor

Hatboro, PA: KMM Group has engaged with long time healthcare executive J. Mark King as their new Non-Executive/Non-Owner Chairman of the Board and Healthcare Industry Advisor. King will provide critical guidance, pertaining to the Medical Device Industry, to the senior leadership team to drive the company to achieve their strategic goals.