Shaping the Future of Manufacturing and Inspiring Next Gen Leaders

A new manufacturing era is on the horizon as Industry 4.0, the next rapidly advancing industrial revolution, knocks on our door. The emergence and increasing sophistication of connectivity, automation, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and additive manufacturing elements are driving a shift that continually asks our industry to evolve and push the envelope to reveal new technologies and processes that will help propel humanity – and the world – forward.

In our quest to be at the forefront of the ever-shifting technological advances in our field, we’ve adopted the motto, “We Lead,” a powerful statement defining our heritage and our future. In leading the way toward the future of manufacturing, we’re also being called to ready the next generation of manufacturers for what’s to come.

In this post, we peel back the curtain to demonstrate how we lead to illustrate our steadfast dedication to advancing the field of manufacturing and how this leadership commitment helps shape the next generation of manufacturing leaders. Keep reading to discover what we’re doing at work and in the community to make a difference.

Leaders at work

We put our “We Lead” motto to work every day, building a company that’s progressive, proactive, acts boldly, and drives the innovation of tomorrow. In practice, leading at work could be taking the initiative to find a better way to process a job, setting an example for others, or seeking solutions to assure our success and longevity. Regardless of how leadership manifests in our company environment, the message we send to every single employee is that we are building a team of leaders who are inspired, expected – and obligated – to shape the next generation.

To help us cultivate a leadership culture, we’ve adopted a defining set of fundamentals that connect the “why” of our core values with the “how” of our behaviors. These fundamentals are central to who we are as individuals and as a company, forming the backbone of our team meetings, company processes, and vision for the future.

As we see it, leading at work trickles outside our company’s walls and into the manufacturing industry as a whole by creating a roadmap for others on how to grow a workforce, treat employees, and be successful in an ever-changing world.

Leaders in the community

We Lead” is more than a guidepost for achieving economic success at work. It’s also a way of being and engaging in our community. By participating in and supporting manufacturing-centered programs and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and manufacturing) learning experiences, we’re inspiring and mentoring manufacturing’s next generation, one future leader at a time.

The following are just some of the Bucks County community programs and organizations we support:

  • Liberty Bots Robo-lution – We’re always thrilled to support this engaging and exciting battle bot competition for engineering-focused high-school students. From manufacturing mentoring to guiding facility tours that allow access to our state-of-the-art machining and grinding equipment, we love helping participants bring their battle bot creations to life.Visit the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) – New Jersey-Eastern Pennsylvania (NJPA) chapter to learn how you or a young engineering enthusiast in your life can get involved in the 2023 Liberty Bots competition.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Program – Having contributed programmatic input during the development stages of this thriving Bucks County Community College program, we also offer on-site tours and mentoring to participating students. And we’re proud to have welcomed more than a dozen program graduates – and counting – to our incredibly talented team.
  • Career Ready Bucks – We’re proud to participate on the committee of this career planning program for Bucks County high school students, helping them discover how to turn their STEAM interests into thriving careers in growing industries like manufacturing.
  • PA SEED Ecosystem – We serve in a committee membership role with this education-focused organization providing students access to rich STEAM learning environments. The program’s mission is to develop skills and engage in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math from preschool to university.
  • Fab Lab – Even before we became a proud sponsor of this Bucks IU program that aims to make STEAM learning fun, we helped secure grants and letters of recommendation to connect young people with STEAM equipment and age-appropriate curricula. Thanks to the program’s success, Fab Lab has a brick-and-mortar center to complement its widely popular mobile Fab Lab
  • School involvement – As part of our commitment to inspiring the next generation of manufacturing leaders, we routinely give talks, participate in career fairs, and mentor students at local high schools, technical high schools, and trade colleges, allowing them to learn about our ever-evolving industry and what makes our company unique.

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And if you’re an aspiring manufacturing leader and our leadership-forward company culture resonates with you, check out this post on the advantages of starting your career with us.

As leaders in the manufacturing industry, it’s our duty and privilege to inspire the next generation to succeed in our incredibly vital field. When we encourage ourselves to overcome challenges and discover innovative solutions that bring new and life-changing discoveries to life, we also encourage others to push harder to achieve the impossible. From our viewpoint, this philosophy is precisely the way to ensure a bright future for everyone. Contact our team to learn more about our dedication to leading the industry and the next generation forward.