Engaging Young Minds: A Memorable Week of Student Outreach

group of Students standing in the KMM boardroom..

As education and careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) gain increasing recognition, our robust community outreach initiatives aim to inspire the next generation. Through strategic partnerships and engaging programs, we connect with area schools and programs such as Liberty Bots and Career Ready Bucks to provide young people with real-world manufacturing insights, showcasing the vibrant future that awaits in this sector. In this post, we’ll profile two recent engagements that collectively created a week of immersive learning and inspiration.

William Tennant High School Student Visit

A group of students getting a tour

Our busy outreach week kicked off with an engaging visit from the William Tennent High School students, coordinated by Director of Sales Sue Cloran. These eager students participated in a forward-thinking class called 21st Century Manufacturing offered by their Tech Ed department. We welcomed 36 young minds, providing them a firsthand look into the vast world of precision manufacturing.

The students were excited to visit our facility and see our large-scale machinery and projects up close, enriching their hands-on project of building a go-cart in their classroom. This visit bridged the gap between classroom learning and real-world application, as described by their teacher, Anthony Quintangeli. He noted that the visit allowed students to witness “the utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as milling, turning, grinding, EDM, engineering, and assembly,” providing an immersive experience that “ignited students’ imaginations about potential career paths within these sectors.”

The tour vividly illustrated abstract concepts by showcasing how technology evolves from computer-assisted designs into tangible results for medical devices and high-tech machines. Witnessing our work firsthand, including the creation of life-saving neurovascular guidewires and defense robots, broadened the students’ perspective beyond the confines of the classroom.


A week later, we had the privilege of hosting the semi-annual general council meeting for the Pennsylvania STEM Experiences for Equity and Diversity (PA SEED) Ecosystem’s Chief Science Officers (CSOs). This excellent initiative is dedicated to cultivating STEM leadership and passion among students, empowering them to become ambassadors for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics within their communities and schools. This diverse group of bright young leaders was immersed in our collaborative environment through an interactive tour of our new facility and an energetic panel discussion that included several of KMM’s team members, from machine operators to strategic members of our leadership team, including CEO John Shegda

Sue said she was particularly struck by the caliber of questions and the depth of strategic thinking displayed by the students. They delved into high-level discussions about company goal-setting and the rationale behind selecting specific machinery for various manufacturing tasks. Their probing questions demonstrated an impressive level of insight and a genuine interest in the strategic foundations of the manufacturing industry.

Reflecting on the experience, Sue remarked, “It was truly inspirational to engage with young minds eager to understand the intricacies of manufacturing operations while simultaneously grasping the broader strategic visions of industry leaders.”

A standout moment was when a student asked about becoming a viable candidate for field opportunities without prior experience. This discussion highlighted the inclusivity of manufacturing careers, which welcomes individuals from all educational backgrounds. It emphasized the many career paths available, from entry-level technical roles to advanced engineering and executive positions. We explained that manufacturing offers significant upward mobility, allowing individuals to start at one level and progress as they acquire skills. Comprehensive educational training programs are often provided for technicians on the production floor, enabling newcomers to join teams without prior experience, assured by the promise of advancement opportunities.

three students standing in front of a group
Students touring the shop
John speaking to a group of students

Bridging Classrooms and Careers

These engagements highlight the potential of connecting educational initiatives with real-world applications, a powerful reminder of the impact of such connections. Visiting KMM transformed abstract concepts into tangible realities for the William Tennant High School students, fueling a deeper understanding of manufacturing’s role in society. Similarly, the PA SEED CSOs left with a broader perspective on STEAM careers, equipped with the knowledge that the manufacturing industry offers many opportunities for all experience and education levels.

Looking Ahead

Our commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting STEAM education extends beyond a single week of activities. We are dedicated to ongoing engagement with our community and educational institutions. By sharing our knowledge and opening our doors, we aim to enrich students’ academic experience while ensuring a vibrant future for the manufacturing industry. These events, and others like them, are pivotal steps in our ongoing journey to inspire and equip young minds to become the innovators and leaders of tomorrow, driving progress and excellence for the next generation of manufacturing.

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