5 Proven Benefits of In-House Custom Tooling & Fixtures

Many mission-critical components require custom tooling or fixtures, such as dies, jigs, and casting molds, to ensure they’re as precise as possible. However, some manufacturers cannot produce custom tooling and fixtures in-house. In this post, we’ll explain why in-house tooling and fixturing are essential for achieving the precision and cost-effectiveness you require.

Whether using vertical precision machining (milling), wire EDM, ram EDM, Swiss screw, micromachining, or CNC, a manufacturer that can produce your custom tooling or fixtures in-house has many advantages, including:

  1. Increased time- and cost-effectiveness
  2. Streamlined project management experience
  3. Quick adaptations to design modifications
  4. Enhanced part accuracy, repeatability, and consistency
  5. Greater control and accountability

Keep reading to discover more about how you can benefit from choosing a mission-critical manufacturer with in-house custom tooling and fixturing capabilities.

Increased time- and cost-effectiveness

Saving time and money on outsourcing is one of the most notable advantages of working with a manufacturer specializing in producing custom tooling and fixturing in-house. With less to invest in navigating the production process, the quicker you get to market, the closer you stay on budget.

Time and money aren’t the only savings you’ll gain from swapping tooling and fixturing outsourcing with in-house capabilities. Next, we’ll discuss reducing the project management resources necessary to oversee your mission-critical project.

Streamlined project management experience

Bypassing the hassles of engaging a third party to produce custom tooling and fixtures also helps reduce the stress and workload of managing multiple vendor relationships, streamlining your project management experience with a single point of contact.

In a recent blog post, we wrote more on the project management and supply chain advantages of a single-source manufacturer with the capability to handle all the services you need under one roof. A single source with an integrated team has everything from manufacturing engineering consulting and R&D to full machining and grinding production.

Quick adaptations to design modifications

A mission-critical component manufacturer with in-house tooling and fixturing can also help minimize project delays because they can adapt quickly to design modifications. Conversely, outsourcing the tooling and fixturing to another party risks communication disruptions and longer lead times if design changes are required, prolonging project completion and your time to market.

Enhanced part accuracy, repeatability, and consistency

Manufacturers can have different quality control standards, some more stringent than others. So, why not work with one that delivers the same high level at every phase of the component manufacturing process? That’s precisely what you get when working with an ultra-precision manufacturer like us with in-house tooling and fixturing capabilities. With a continuous quality control system at each step, we can deliver more accurate and consistent parts with greater repeatability.

Greater accountability

Finally, a mission-critical component manufacturer with in-house tooling and fixturing allows for greater accountability because all aspects of your project remain under the same roof, giving you assurance and peace of mind.

In this post, we’ve explained some of the advantages of choosing a precision machining manufacturer with the ability to produce custom tooling and fixtures in-house. So whether you need machined parts for medical devices, fighter jets, space exploration technologies,  military firearms, race engines, or another complex application, trust our dedicated and experienced in-house custom tooling and fixturing team to exceed your expectations.

Contact us to learn more about our in-house custom tooling and fixturing capabilities and the full spectrum of precision manufacturing services designed to help you overcome seemingly impossible challenges.

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