Employee Spotlight: Wire EDM Specialist & Engineer Dan Costello

Wire EDM Dan Costello Employee Spotlight

The dedication of our team makes KMM’s remarkable achievements possible. Through our Employee Spotlight series, we shine a light on the individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes, significantly contributing to our success and the manufacturing industry overall. Today, we are featuring Dan Costello, who joined KMM in October 2002. With over 22 years of […]

5 Proven Benefits of In-House Custom Tooling & Fixtures

Fixture Tooling Plate

Many mission-critical components require custom tooling or fixtures, such as dies, jigs, and casting molds, to ensure they’re as precise as possible. However, some manufacturers cannot produce custom tooling and fixtures in-house. In this post, we’ll explain why in-house tooling and fixturing are essential for achieving the precision and cost-effectiveness you require. Whether using vertical […]

5 Cutting-Edge Techniques For Safe And Effective Orthopedic Medical Devices

Orthopedic Medical Devices

Orthopedic medical devices are vital for improving the quality of life for individuals suffering from bone or joint-related injuries or conditions. These increasingly complex devices, which include artificial joints, screws, and plates, must be manufactured with extreme precision to ensure their safety and effectiveness. To achieve an exceptionally high level of precision, we deploy a […]