The Art of Micron-Level Component Manufacturing

The Art of Micron-Level Component Manufacturing

In the world of high-tech component manufacturing, precision is paramount. Meticulous attention to detail enables the creation of intricate components with immense implications. One such example is quadrupoles for mass spectrometry devices. These small yet powerful devices have the potential to save lives, revolutionize industries, and deepen our understanding of the world. While many manufacturers […]

Elevate Precision! Master These 5 Essential Grinding Methods

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Precision grinding techniques are critical in modern manufacturing, enabling the production of medtech, aerospace, and other mission-critical components with exceptional accuracy and quality. However, there are many facets to this incredibly advanced discipline. In this blog post, we dive deep into precision grinding, focusing on the unique advantages and applications of the following five grinding […]

Meet a Precision Grinding Operator: Doug Bloemker

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Our team is integral in helping us achieve the impossible every day. However, their names and faces are largely behind-the-scenes – until now. In this ongoing series, we’ll introduce you to some of our critical team members who give their all to innovate and produce groundbreaking solutions that matter.   In today’s post, we’re featuring […]

KMM Group, Ltd

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KVI Group, M&S Centerless Grinding and Meron Medical have merged to form KMM Group, Ltd. This exciting collaboration diversifies our offering and better allows us to think big and act boldly while maintaining the same precision and expertise you’ve come to expect.